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Agneta Larsen   ceramic sculpture

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About me

I have always been fascinated
 by clay and what can be created with it, so I decided early in life that I wanted to work in ceramic sculpture. When I was eighteen I entered the 
School of Design and Crafts at Göteborg University, where I studied ceramics and sculpture for four years.
After my first solo exhibition, in1977,  the influential Swedish art critic Beata Sydow reviewed the exhibition i the national paper Svenska Dagbladet:  "
The meeting with  Agneta Larsen's ceramics at Gallery Mors Mössa was [ ... ] really something to remember. It is the artist's first exhibition on her own, and in utility goods and free pictures on the wall and in three-dimensional form she shows sculptures of rare poetic and formal clarity. One seldom sees a ceramicist so tangibly master the creation of art, so that coordination between material and picture gives such a fine whole. "

Owl coming out of darkness

After that review I was offered to exhibit at Galleri Doktor Glas in Stockholm, which at that time was Sweden's foremost gallery. Then followed solo exhibitions at Röhsska Konstindustrimuseet in Gothenburg and later at a large number of Swedish art galleries .
Since 1990 I live in southern Spain, just outside the little village of Casares, known for it's picturesque position on a mountain top. The beauty of the landscape inspires my creativity.
It is especially the animals around me that I depict in my own way. Also the classic Mediterranean art inspires me. My women's faces connect to Greece, Egypt or the Byzantine era.
Instead of  mosaic, which the Byzantine and Roman artists used, I have utilized broken pieces of porcelain in some of my  reliefs. Many of these pieces are found in the sea at my family's house in the archipelago outside Gothenburg.