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Agneta Larsen   ceramic sculpture

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Welcome to contact me!

I hope you have enjoyed visiting my website. If you want to order a sculpture or have questions or suggestions, please contact me.Woman in full moon

E-mail: agneta@alkeramik.eu

Telephone and fax: (+34) 952 89 51 25

Would you like to receive a message via e-mail before next exhibition? Leave your e-mail address, and I will get in touch. I promise not to use your address for something else than sending out e-mails about my exhibitions, and I will respect your wish if you tell me that you no longer want to receive any messages from me..

Contact me about exhibitions in Spain

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About this website:
I have designed the website together with Kate Kalmström, who also has taken care of the site building. Contact her if you want to ask or comment on something that has to do with the construction of the site.

I want to thank Alex Docherty, Åke Haraldson and Kate Kalmström for contributing with photos to this site.