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Agneta Larsen   ceramic sculpture

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  I spend most of my time here in my workshop. Clay, as material and form of expression, has never ceased to fascinate me. From a lump of clay you can create almost everything.

Foto: Alex DochertyI use three–four different kinds of stoneware clay, i.e. clays which tolerate high temperatures. Everything is fired twice. For the first firing the earthenware must be absolutely dry, or else it will explode in the kiln. At this first firing the temperature is about 1000ºC.

The second firing is the glaze firing, which I fire at 1280
1300ºC. I mix my glazes after my own recipes. My kiln is a gas kiln, which has the advantage of being able to fire both in reduction and oxid atmosphere. Electric kilns can only fire i oxid atmosphere. Both clays and glazes change colour and shade in the reduction atmosphere, and that is what I like best.

However, glazes are not my main interest. Lines, structures and shades in the partly unglazed clay are more important to me. To catch expressions and movements is the most essential. I work mainly with reliefs and sculptures and do not work on the wheel that much. Often I roll one clay on top of another and fold and bend to get interesting lines. To open the kiln after a glaze firing always is the same excitement, because you can never be certain of the result. It is a constant challenge, and I never get tired of it!